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Today we get down to the brass tacks of actually getting some content up on your shiny new blog. We’ll discuss what this content should be momentary.

First, I’d like to simply address the topic of blog page vs. blog post

In most blogging situations, you will be using blog posts for your ongoing blog content, and blog page as more static legal, contact, and terms type content.

If you think about it in terms of a physical journal, your blog posts would be the actual blog pages in the book, and your blog’s static pages would be the covers of the book, where you write your name, address, and any other pertinent information.

I hope that’s a decent analogy.

Blog Pages You’ll Want to Have On Your Blog:

I recommend adding these blog pages to your blog, in this general order…

1. Home Blog Page – This will come standard with most themes, so you don’t really have to worry about doing much with this.

2. About Blog Page – Tell your readers a little something about yourself, your blog, and your overall mission. Who is your blog for? How can it serve? Why are you doing it?

3. Contact Blog Page – This should provide your site visitors with a form the visitor can fill out to reach you through. At the very minimum, the page should share your contact information, and in particular, your email address.

4. Privacy Blog Page – A privacy policy is absolutely essential to keep yourself FTC compliant. Attaining one can be as simple as copying another blogger’s privacy page and simply replacing their information with your own.

5. Terms Blog Page – Same situation… just copy another blogger’s.

6. Earnings Disclosure Blog Page– Here, you’ll simply want to let your visitors know how you get paid. If you earn affiliate commissions, profits, or advertising revenues, you need to make this information available, as per the rules of the FTC.

Here is a great video on how to start a blog and be profitable…

So What About Blog Posts?

Easy. You just write whatever’s on your mind. Of course, there are some Blogging SEO considerations you may be wise to pay attention to. Fortunately, we’ll discuss this a bit in tomorrow’s email.

But the bottom line is that you need to post regularly… and you really need to be yourself in order to be as effective a blogger as possible. Remember, this is your website; your turf. Don’t get intimidated by your audience.

They’re in your house! 😉

So just be natural.

You can learn more about the fine art of effective blogging by picking up your own copy of Blogging Guru Blueprint. I recommend it to anyone who wants to earn a full-time income from their blog. It’ll put you on the fast track to success.

But the basic essence of what you want to be doing is sharing your thoughts, feelings, expertise, fears, and vulnerabilities with your blog visitors. Entertain them… inspire them… give them something to relate to.

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