Blogging Seo: The Art of Googling Without Googling?

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SEO For Blogging, or Blogging Seo Explained

Did you ever see the movie “Enter the Dragon,” starring Bruce Lee?

If so, you’ll likely recall a scene in which Mr. Lee was asked what his fighting style was, to which he replied, “You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.”

That is an absolutely perfect parallel to what we’re trying to accomplish with your blog. But instead of “Jeet Kune Do,” we’re talking about “Blogging SEO.”

Ah, good old search engine optimization. Blogging Seo That Is…

This is actually one of the least understood, yet most heavily abused principles of Internet marketing. Quite simply, it’s the art of getting your content (blog posts, in our case) to rank highly in Google, as well as other search engines.

The problem with this particular principle is that it’s a never-ending “cat and mouse” game. Just when some IM genius discovers a loophole in Google’s algorithm that makes for quick and dirty top rankings…

An even bigger genius working for Google counters this, rendering the new “trick” completely and utterly worthless. This dance has been going on for years.

It used to be that people would do everything they could to game the system. They would repeat the keywords they wanted to rank for over and over again. They’d hyperlink their keyword, bold it, italicize it, use it in header 1 and header 2 tags, use it at the beginning of their article… and at the end.

It got to the point where they were trying to calculate their keyword density and LSI keywords (you don’t need to understand this) down to precise percentages.

Stop the Damn Madness Already! I’m Fed Up With Blogging Seo Already…

At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you put out content that your readers like. You do that, and your blog will become well-liked, popular, and earn the favor of the search engines. Earn. You’ve gotta respect that word.

This is where Bruce Lee’s philosophy can really help us out.

It’s the art of optimizing without optimizing… or as our subject line suggests, Googling without Googling. Just keep it natural, enjoyable, and useful. Good things will happen automatically. You don’t need to impose your will.

With that said, you should definitely strive to learn a little bit about on-page Blogging SEO. I mean, if you don’t even know how to do keyword research, then you’re not really giving yourself a chance to rank for anything, right?

You wouldn’t expect a page about different frozen yogurt flavors to rank for the keyword term “lose weight eating frozen yogurt” if said page has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss, right?

So you’ve at least gotta let the search engines know what the heck it is you want them to rank you for. This is just good common sense.


Hey! Check out this super cool video blogging and blogging SEO…

And now, the rest of the story…

All I’m suggesting is that you use your keyword in your blog post’s title, and a few times throughout your content, ideally without even really thinking about it.

Then, just leave a good thing alone and trust the strength of your content.

In fact, don’t even think about the search engines. There are plenty of other incredible ways to get traffic to your blog. We’ll be discussing these tomorrow.

For now, just understand that Blogging SEO isn’t the only game in town.

Don’t Try to Manipulate Google!

They’re much bigger than you, my friend. And I’m not one to question your intelligence… but collectively, as an entity full of “top people,” they may just be a bit more clever when it comes to maintaining the integrity of their operation.

We’ll just leave it at that. 😉

What I would suggest you do to give yourself the best fighting chance is to learn a little bit more about blogging, SEO, and the whole art of setting yourself up for success. I recommend grabbing Product Name and giving it a good look.

In any event, you want to be mindful of SEO but never obsessed.

Does this make sense?

Alright, so tomorrow we’re going to talk about the two most important things of all when it comes to killing it with your blog… monetization and traffic.

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