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What Your First Digital Products or Digital Services Should Look Like…

In the last post, we covered the basic concept of filling in your outline with real-life content. Also discussed the fact that the amount of content your information product will contain depends upon a number of factors, such as price point and topic.

For example,

If you’re creating a cookbook, simple recipes will suffice. If you’re creating information products on setting up WordPress blogs via cPanel, you’ll need a bunch of step-by-step tutorials and visual representations.

Make sense?

So today, we’re actually discussing the subject of digital product or digital service type. I mean, what the heck kind of digital product or service are you even gonna put out for the world to enjoy?

Here Are Some of Your Options for Digital Product or Services..

* An e-book
* A video course
* A piece of software
* A membership site
* A paid newsletter
* A service (content, design, SEO, tech, etc.)
* An audio course
* Coaching
* An interview or interview series
* A resource guide

I told you your options were plentiful!

Now the option that you choose will largely  depend upon your personality and skill set. For example, if you prefer talking to writing, an interview series, video series, or mp3 audio series may be just what the doctor ordered.

Conversely, maybe the thought of putting your voice or face out there for all the world to see is absolutely petrifying. Maybe authoring a book is your cup of tea.

If you’ve ever heard of Davin Michaels, you’ll love this video on…

Funnel & Digital Product Creation

If you want to be completely behind the scenes, then you can come up with cool software ideas, have a developer create your software, and market it quietly.

There are tons of way to skin the digital product creation cat, as it were. And this is going to be a personal choice.

Here’s a Cool Way to Do It…

Perhaps the approach covered in Product Name will be of some interest to you. It’s fast, hassle-free, and actually a heck of a lot of fun. I definitely encourage you to pick it up now, while it’s still under 5 bucks. A great addition to your library.

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