How To Create A Lead Magnet: Why Do Most People Suck So Badly At This?

how to create a lead magnet
Hey Charlie! Looky here! Got this one with stinky bait! Woohoo!

How To Create A Lead Magnet Freebie No One Can Resist!

In the last post, we discussed the basic concept of list building. Just to refresh your memory, it’s nothing more than luring people onto your email list using a free “bait product” that they want.

Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. We also need to make money off the list as we’re growing it, but we’ll get into that in a future lesson. For now, let’s just focus on getting the sucker built! 😉

Yesterday, I stated the obvious by saying that a good giveaway product or lead magnet is the key to your list building success. I mean, if your site visitors don’t want whatever it is you’re offering, the why in the world would they even consider giving you their email address for it?

The more compelling your free offer is, the higher your opt-in conversions will be, period.

So please don’t get this wrong. Unfortunately, a lot of people do. They mistakenly adopt the attitude that as long as the freebie is related to the niche they’re working in, all is well.

This is just plain dumb.

You need to put a lot of focus on this. Freebie selection is not to be performed haphazardly, okay?

So How Do We Offer the Most Enticing Freebie Possible?

Well, for starters, I would avoid acquiring a PLR or MRR product. These are usually outdated, non-compelling, and overused. You can do better than that.

Your best bet is to actually operate within a niche that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about. This way, you can create your own freebie from a position of authority and enthusiasm.


Highly Recommended Resource!

This is a great video on how to create a lead magnet FAST (from scratch). 


Now back to the highly engaging and good looking, yet power packed article. 🙂 

When you know the niche, you tend to know the marketplace. You know what your prospects want. And you can deliver it to them in such a way that a PLR product most likely can’t.

Does this make sense?

Of course, if you’re not that knowledgeable or passionate about your niche, but you still want to work within it because it’s proven itself to be lucrative, there’s certainly no shame in that.

If this is the case, what I recommend doing is hiring a high-quality ghostwriter. Because your report only needs to be a few pages, it shouldn’t cost you much to do this. Try sites like,, and the “Warriors for Hire” section of

Likewise, if you can find some good plr articles online, and if you’re pretty good at piecing things together, you may want to compile some of these articles into your own creation. Moreover, you can clean these articles up a bit and hire someone on Fiverr to turn them into videos.

Videos generally have a higher perceived value, which could work in your favor when optimizing your email opt-in rates.

Here’s the Bottom Line…

I personally believe that it’s very important that you’re able to give people an absolutely astounding freebie. The more your freebie can enlighten, educate, and even entertain your audience, the more likely they’ll be to buy the products you recommend.

So How Do You Create a Lead Magnet No One Can Resist?

The quality of your freebie is directly related to the responsiveness of your list. So please, please, please… don’t screw this up, okay? At the same time, don’t labor over this to the point where you never get it done. Having something to offer is generally much better than having nothing to offer.

If you’re gonna take the time to get a lead magnet freebie put together, then it may as well be something that gives you the greatest possible chance of success. Don’t you agree?

Alright, so in the next post we’ll be discussing branding, and the art of earning instant income.

You do want to get paid for all your list building efforts, right? Well, the next post will show you how to start putting real dollars in your bank account right out of the gate.

Miss that post, and you’re screwing yourself.

Oh, and again… if you don’t wanna wait to become a successful list building rockstar, then I recommend going to this system and getting your hands on some quality training that can speed your results along quite nicely.

Start getting that freebie put together now!

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