Nuts and Bolts of Information Products Creation

product creation

You’ll soon see that creating your own 

Information Products are quite rewarding.

Pride of ownership, a sense of accomplishment, and all those little intangibles that make your effort seem so well-worth it… they’ll all show-up in your information products.

But damn…

If those benefits were enough, then I very seriously doubt you’d be reading this right now. You wanna get paid, don’t you? Hey, I don’t blame you for a second.

And that’s what this email is all about. It’s about actually packaging your new creation… and then sending it out into the world.

How To Package Your Information Products Creation:

The truth is, once you’ve actually created your information products, your work is about 75% of the way done. You’ll still need to get it ready for human consumption.

Now the actual method for doing this will vary depending upon the medium through which your content is being delivered. In other words, the process will be different for a membership site then it will be for an e-book… or video series.

As such, I’m gonna have to leave you to your own devices when it comes to learning this stuff. But I will tell you how to package an e-book specifically…

1. Create your e-book.
2. Put this e-book in a “product” folder on your computer.
3. Add any bonuses to that folder.
4. Right-click the folder and select “send to archive.”
5. This creates a .zip file.
6. Upload this .zip file to your server using “File Manager.”
7. Your product is now available in URL format!

This may have just confused the heck out of you. Maybe not. If it did, just follow the steps, using YouTube videos for any help you need as you go. Whatever you do, don’t just convince yourself it’s too hard and to do nothing.

How to Sell Your Information Products Creation:

Once you’ve gotten your information products packaged up and ready to go to market, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a sales page.

You can either write out a sales letter, create a sales video, or hire someone else to do either of these things for you.

You can either put this sales page up on your website, or (if you’re in the IM niche) you can run it as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) on the Warrior Forum.

The first thing you’ll want to do is learn how to write effective sales copy. There are great teachers of this online. Look to masters like Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham for guidance. You can find lots of great free stuff online.

Once you’ve crafted your sales page, you’ll need to set up your payment gateway. You can use Paypal for this, or if you intend to have affiliates promoting your product for you (recommended), then go through Clickbank or another affiliate platform. JVZoo is another good choice.

This is a great 6-figure information product creation secrets video…

You can use basic marketing practices to promote your information products. Attracting affiliates may be a better use of your time, however, as it creates a lot more leverage. I mean think about it…

You can either spend a day earning 5 new sales of a $10 product and make 50 bucks… or you can spend a day finding 5 new affiliates who each bring you 5 sales. Now you make $250, pay your affiliates half, and still end up with $125.

Which was a better use of your time and resources?

When you consider the fact that these 5 affiliates may very well continue to generate you 25 new sales a day for several years to come, the answer becomes incredibly obvious, doesn’t it?

Just imagine what your life could look like if instead of trying to get five new customers every day, you instead tried to get five new affiliates every day!

It’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

But the truth is, this is an incredibly valid point. And while not all affiliates will perform well, some will perform incredibly well. You just never know. As such, the more affiliates you can attract, the better.

Listen, I really wish I could go into this stuff in a whole lot more detail for you, but you simply need more information than I’m able to give you in a blog post. So please do yourself a favor and pick up Product Name, as it will help you a ton.

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