List Building 101: Easy List Building Steps Explained

List building 101: steps to list building So let’s recap, shall we?

When it comes to building a wildly profitable email list in your chosen niche, there are 5 important steps/components for profitable listing building you to be aware of.

These include…

1. Your Giveaway (Freebie) Offer

You need to have something of value to give away to your site visitors. It should be compelling enough of a product to inspire your visitors to give you their email addresses in order to acquire it. When they do this, you’ve received an “opt-in.”

2. Your In-Product Monetization

Including links in your product is certainly a good idea, as it enables you to make money right out of the gate, with no additional effort required on your part. A few well-placed affiliate offers or upsells to your own products and/or services can serve to double or even triple your income right then and there.

3. Your Squeeze Page

This is a simple, single web page that should include a compelling headline, a descriptive subheadline, a list of bulleted benefits, and an attractive product image and opt-in form. You should always strive to increase the effectiveness of this squeeze page (your opt-in rate) by constantly split testing.

4. Your Upsell (OTO) Funnel

While you can certainly use your own digital products or PLR, I’ve found that simply linking from your thank-you page to a high-converting affiliate offer is the quickest, easiest, and most profitable way to do this.

And when you choose an affiliate offer that already has a great upsell funnel (with generous affiliate payouts) in place, then you can actually put yourself in a position where you’re GETTING PAID to build your list. A great place to be!

5. Your Traffic Generation

No eyeballs = no business, plain and simple. To get these eyeballs in front of your squeeze page, there are five powerful traffic generation methods that can yield you some extremely exciting results. Solo ads, ad swaps, forum posting, content marketing, and e-book giveaways can set you up for long-term success.

Here is a quality video on Sold Ads and driving targeted traffic to your squeeze page and list:

So Where Do We Go From Here?

Again, I’ve given you the very basics of this incredible business model. This very same model has created more online millionaires than any other. And the good news is that it’s one of the simplest to master. It’s just a matter of learning the fundamentals and practicing them on a daily basis.

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