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[HEY YOU] Hungry for Eyeballs? Get them by the boatloads and get MUCHO traffic!

Amazingly Simple But Explosively Effective Lead Magnet Promotion Ideas

Off hand, I really can’t think of any business in the world that doesn’t need traffic in order to be successful. Your list building business is clearly no exception.

We all need to put as many eyeballs as possible in front of our offers.

In this extremely short blog post, I’m going to share the top 5 ways I know of to send targeted traffic straight to your lead magnet and into your life! 😉

1. Solo Ads

This is simply the act of paying another email marketer an agreed upon amount of money to send out an email to their email list on your behalf. Your email includes a link back to your squeeze page and lead magnet. You’ll pay the solo ad seller based on how many clicks he or she is able to send from that email to your squeeze page and lead magnet.

2. Ad Swaps

These are essentially the same things as solo ads, with one small difference. Instead of paying for your solo ad with money, you simply return the favor and send an email to your list on your swap partner’s behalf. The email you send will link to their squeeze page and lead magnet. The email they send will link to yours. Easy!

3. Forum Posting

This is a great way to get loads of people to your squeeze page and lead magnet for free. It will require a lot of time and participation on your part, however. Here, you’ll simply create a static signature file, which appears at the bottom of ever forum post you make. Then, you simply participate, striving to add as much value as possible.

4. Content Marketing

With this type of traffic generation, you will basically be writing and submitting articles all over the web (directories, web 2.0 properties, blogs, etc.), as well as creating and uploading videos. This is a pretty grassroots approach but still works extremely well, provided your strategy is rock-solid.

5. E-Book Giveaways

This is a favorite of many online entrepreneurs. Here, you can enter giveaway events, submit your e-books to free e-book sites, and run free WSO’s on the Warrior Forum (best for the IM niche), including the War Room. You can also sell dirt cheap giveaway rights to achieve a viral effect. The sky’s the limit here!

I Know, The Devil Is In the Details:

I told you this was gonna be a short article, and I meant it. There is no way for me to elaborate on each of these extraordinary traffic generation methods here in a single post, so I won’t even try.

As I’ve told you before, you really need to educate yourself about this stuff. Seek out quality training and resources, both free and paid. Generally speaking, a library of paid list building training will be more direct, comprehensive, and an overall better use of your most precious resource of all… your time.

My personal recommendation for getting started is CB Passive Income System, but please feel free to grab any educational tools you prefer. The point is, you need to get the training now. And you need to take action immediately!

Do NOT sit on this… or it will pass you right on by.

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