One Time Offer List Building – Talk About Freakin’ Worthless!?

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OTO or One Time Offer – Secret To Making Money Fast List Building Method

Let me ask you a question?

What good is just giving something away if it’s never gonna make you any money?


While we clearly want to provide a great deal of value to the marketplace, by no means are we running a charity here. This is your livelihood, right?

And even though once you’ve set up a proper funnel and upsell funnel (and you continue to market and build your list over time), you can expect to enjoy an ongoing income, there’s certainly something to be said for earning a quick buck along the way. We’re talking about making money fast through a one time offer list building strategy.

Getting paid NOW Is The Name Of The Game Through Offering A One Time Offer.

As such, I’d really like to share a few key tips for bringing home the bacon right out of the gate. One way to do this is by presenting your brand spankin’ new subscribers with a one time offer (OTO) immediately upon them opting into your list. We’ll discuss this in detail in a future blog post.

What I’d really like to bring to your attention at this point is your use of links right within your product itself. This is immensely powerful.


Check out this cool video on the highest converting one time offer ever. 🙂 You’ll love this..

Now back to this awesome article on making money fast with the OTO (one time offer) List Building Method

One reason why it is, in fact, so powerful is that these are in-content links. You’re already providing a ton of value within your freebie, so you should have earned your audience’s trust. Making them far more likely to take you up on a well-positioned offer.

Now don’t go overboard with this. If you’re in the weight loss niche and you happen to mention a particular diet pill, for example, you can simply write “If you’d like to see it in action, you can click here to watch the free video presentation,” or something similar.

Obviously, you’ll want to keep it relevant to whatever happens to be on the sales page. If there’s a video, use that to your advantage, as in the example above and if there’s not a video, find an interesting tip or testimonial.

If you’re leading them to a page on Amazon, or another site with real user reviews, a good thing to say would be “Please don’t just buy _____ without reading the unbiased customer reviews first. Click here to see the reviews and save yourself a lot of potential heartache.”

Or something like that.

Again, don’t overdo it. Just a small handful of well-placed links can help you to generate good affiliate commissions or product sales within the very first day of your prospect grabbing your freebie.

Alright, I’ll keep this relatively short for you today.

Be sure to check out this next blog post where we’ll start diving into your actual lead capture system. This is really where the rubber meets the road in the wild world of list building.

When I show you how simple it is to setup, you’re not going to believe it can possibly be as powerful as it is. But I assure you, it really, really is!

And as always, if you’d like to get started on your own list building and email marketing empire sooner than later (how does right now sound?), then I definitely encourage you to grab yourself a copy of CB Passive Income while it’s still available at the current discount price.

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