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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! Yummy Black Forest Cake!

Secrets Of The Ultimate Cash Upsell Funnel

For just a moment, contemplate this type of scenario taking place in a real-world situation. You go into a fine restaurant, order yourself and your date a couple steak and lobster dinners, a couple bottles of fine wine, and a fabulous dessert…and at the end of your meal, just when it seems that nothing could make this experience any better, the waiter approaches your table and hands you two crisp $100 bills, thanking you and wishing you an incredible night.

It’s an absurd notion, isn’t it?

Except that, in the wonderful world of list building, this can become your reality.

Certainly not in the literal case of steak, lobster and Benjamins… but most assuredly in the sense of building a wildly lucrative email list… not only for FREE… but actually for an immediate profit.

In other words, you can get paid to build your list!


Welcome To The Magical Land of The Upsell Funnel!

The cool thing about building an email list is that you’ve literally just “captured” an audience that you can market to again and again. And there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this fact straight away.

In essence, what you want to do immediately upon your new subscriber signing up to grab your freebie, is send them to a related paid offer. This can be an affiliate offer or one of your own products.

It really doesn’t matter what the offer is, provided it’s a proven converter. I like to use affiliate products because they don’t require any effort on my part. It’s also smart to select an affiliate offer that comes complete with its own upsell funnel.

In other words, your new subscriber opts into your list and is taken to a thank-you page. This is simply a very basic page you set up telling your new subscriber thanks for signing up, letting them know that their download link will be emailed to them, and then giving them a link to click on.

This link will lead them to your upsell offer. This will be an affiliate offer that’s highly related to your freebie’s main topic. And the actual product vendor for whom you’re promoting will actually have a few upsells in place that allow you to earn bigger and bigger commissions right out of the gate.

Here’s An Example Of An Upsell Funnel In Action:

Let’s say that the product vendor is charging $9.95 for their front-end product and paying 100% commissions to their affiliates (common practice in the IM niche), and then they’re offering a $27 first upsell… and a $47 second upsell.

Upsell funnel unleashed!

And let’s say that they’re paying their affiliates 50% commissions on each upsell. Again, this is an extremely common situation in IM.

To drive traffic to your squeeze page, we’ll assume that you pay $80 for a 250-click solo ad. And the solo ad seller over-delivers and sends you 300 clicks. This is incredibly common.

We’ll assume that your squeeze page converts visitors into subscribers at a respectable 35% rate. Just for the sake of easy math, we’ll say you get 100 new subscribers. So you paid 80 bucks for 100 new subscribers.

Now, of those 100 people, nearly all of them will be presented with the affiliate offer you’re promoting. So 100 folks see the offer. And we’ll assume a standard 5% sales conversion rate. In this very realistic scenario, you’ll get 5 sales.

So you’ve earned a quick 50 bucks.

Obviously, you spent 80 on your solo ad. With this $50 profit, you’re only out a measly $30, right? Well, that’s only if they didn’t take the vendor up on their upsell funnel. But it’s very likely that at least one of these five buyers will buy again.

If just one buys the $27 upsell, you put another $13.50 in your pocket. That means you’ve only spent $16.50 on your solo. And if they go on to buy that bigger upsell, you’re actually in profit… you got paid to put 100 new people on your list!

Of course, this is just an example of an effective upsell funnel.

But it’s an extremely realistic example. And if you can boost your opt-in conversions to 45% and your sales conversions to 7%… and order bigger solo ad packages at a discounted rate… the sky is truly the limit.

Anyway, I just wanted to get you excited about what’s really possible when it comes to list building. I also wanted to present you with the idea that getting yourself set up with a highly profitable OTO isn’t tough at all.

It’s truly just a matter of grabbing an affiliate link and setting up a simple little thank-you page.

Yet it can set you up for a level of repeatable, scalable success that will truly make your jaw drop. This is really powerful stuff, my friend.

You Need to Educate Yourself!

If you can’t see how exciting this business model is, you either haven’t been paying attention… or you’re a fool. I hope neither of these is the case.

And I’ve gotta tell you, if there was ever something that deserved you expanding your knowledge about, this is it. That’s why I recommend getting yourself set up with quality list building training right away.

Start small and cheap. Build a solid foundation. Put what you learn into action. Then, go ahead and begin to slowly expand your list building library. For now, I’d strongly urge you to get your hands on CB Passive Income System, as it will give you a mighty solid foundation for dirt cheap!

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